Welcome to McKissick's Online Collection

How to use this database:

Keyword Search

The Keyword Search button allows you to perform a general search across multiple fields for any catalog records online. Keyword searches use OR as the default connector between words. Searches are not case sensitive.

OR searches for records with any keyword entered (e.g. a search for Edgefield Pottery will return records associated with Edgefield OR Pottery)
AND searches for records that include all keywords (e.g. a search for Edgefield AND Pottery will return records associated with both Edgefield AND Pottery)
Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase (e.g. "Edgefield Pottery")
Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard (e.g. a search for histor* would come up with records containing history, histories, historical, etc.)

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search button can help you be more specific with your search. You can search for a word or phrase within a particular search category or use multiple categories to further narrow down your search results. For example, searching Silver in the People field will bring up any records associated with a member of the Silver family, without having to sift through objects made of silver. You can also search People and Creator records through Advanced Search. Phrase searching with quotes and use of wildcards (*) are available in Advanced Search.

Random Images

The Random Images button is a great way to just browse the collection. Each Random Images page displays a random assortment of images from the records online. If something piques your interest, click the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

Object Catalog Searches

You can browse records within the Object Catalog without performing a search, or use AND, OR, phrase searching, and wildcards (*) to refine your catalog search.